B.G. And NBA YoungBoy Have New Music On The Way Ahead Of ‘Comeback’ In 2024

According to recent reports, B.G. is said to be working on new music following his release from prison. Fans are excited to hear he may collaborate with NBA Young Boy. During an Instagram Live session, rapper Gizzle was asked if he would consider working with NBA Young Boy, to which he responded positively. Gizzle was in the studio at the time, adding to the anticipation for this potential collaboration.

“I hollered at YB yesterday, man. Ya heard me?”  “It’s coming. It’s coming. That’s a fact.”

B.g. And Nba Youngboy Have New Music On The Way Ahead Of 'Comeback’ In 2024, Yours Truly, News, April 21, 2024

Towards the end of 2023, B.G. expressed his commitment to triumphantly returning to the hip-hop scene, promising his fans the “greatest comeback in hip-hop history.”. He shared this uplifting message in an Instagram post from a halfway house where he is currently situated.

“While you n-ggas sleep I’m up headed to work,” . “I gotta see my psychiatrist and go to class… I’m doing all this and I’m Halfway Out..2024 will be the greatest comeback in Hip Hop History #RNS 100 #LiveFromTheHalfwayHouse on the way…”

B.G. went through a tough time when he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for possession of firearms and involvement in a conspiracy to obstruct justice back in 2012. However, after serving most of his sentence, he was finally released in September, and he has been working hard since then. He has been focusing on his music career and has collaborated with several artists, such as Boosie Badazz, Sexy Red, Kevin Gates, and Gucci Mane. It’s great to see B.G. putting his time and energy into something he is passionate about and making the most of his freedom.

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