BABYMONSTER Tease First Mini-album, ‘BABYMONS7ER’

K-pop girl group BABYMONSTER from YG Entertainment recently dropped a teaser for their highly anticipated mini-album titled ‘BABYMONS7ER’. The teaser clip, accompanied by solid hip-hop beats, features the official logo of the album and confirms its release date as April 1. Further details regarding the tracklist and lead single will be unveiled soon. The album title, ‘BABYMONS7ER’, is inspired by the return of pre-debut member Ahyeon, making them a seven-member group once again. Ahyeon could not debut earlier due to health reasons, but she will now be part of the upcoming mini-album.

‘Stuck in the Middle’ is their first single of the year, which unfortunately excludes Ahyeon. However, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk recently confirmed that both ‘Stuck in the Middle’ and their debut single ‘Batter Up’ will be re-recorded as a seven-member group to include Ahyeon. The announcement also revealed the release date for ‘BABYMONS7ER’ and confirmed the release of a full-length album sometime in autumn. Baby Monster debuted in November 2023, and their music video for ‘Batter Up’ quickly became the most-viewed debut K-pop music video in 24 hours, breaking the record previously held by Aespa. Get ready for Baby Monster’s latest release, ‘BABYMONS7ER’, which promises to be an exciting addition to their musical repertoire!

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