Carter Efe And Former Zeh Nation Signee, Young Duu, Link In The Studio And Tease A New Collaboration

Ex-Zeh Nation signee, Yung Duu has reportedly partnered with well-known skit maker and entertainer, Carter Efe for a possible collaboration. This was just after a viral video of Yung Duu paying N700 for a meal at a local roadside canteen.

But in an unexpected new development, the singer met up with Carter Efe in the stu with Carter and even proceeded to drop a freestyle for the zealous fans.

Following the release of his freestyle, many Young Duu fans have been inspired to keep going hard for their dreams, as impossible is literally nothing. Prior to the new Collab tease, Yung Duu was recently booted from Zeh Nation, Portable’s record label. And like that wasn’t enough, his ex-boss stripped him of all record label incentives owing to poor performance.

Duu, on the other hand, claims that the Portable reduced him to a vehicle washer. He also alleged that Portable physically assaulted him severally while he was still under the record label. Young Duu was pretty pissed, though, when his former boss had claimed he betrayed him after raising him up to the limelight.

Portable had previously cautioned Young Duu not to ‘cut the ladder’ he could use to get to his goal since he could need it again in the future. Apparently, Young Duu does not seem to care about that since he’s squarely about his success and fulfillment, according to his response to his former employer.

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