Beyonce Reveals How She Makes Store Runs Without Being Easily Recognized

Being a worldwide superstar like Beyonce would undoubtedly be an incredible feeling, as most music fans may surely agree. The paparazzi, the perks, you name it. The singer-songwriter nevertheless acknowledges that she longs for times when she can operate normally and be an “ordinary person.” Unexpectedly, Bey’s go-to tactic for avoiding her unquestionable recognition is actually quite easy. The singer, who was born in Houston, disclosed in a recent interview with CR Fashion Book that she depends on one modest item in her closet to achieve the desired obscurity.

She shared,

“I enjoy consciously wearing the same black hoodie,On a good day, I can sneak into Target unnoticed,”

She claims that occasionally the “hurried pace” method also works, enabling her to blend in with the crowd. Fans seem to appreciate Beyonce’s wish to resonate with life, not as a celebrity and blend in, even though they say it’s difficult to picture her doing so. However, they are making lots of jokes about the idea in the comments. Others are questioning Beyoncé’s ability to fit in, asserting that they would be able to identify the singer in an instant. Another person makes the joke that even if she were undercover, her entourage would reveal her location.

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