Bob Marley Hope Road Scheduled To Debut In Las Vegas

Later this year, Bob Marley Hope Road, a groundbreaking entertainment experience, will open at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. FiveCurrents and Primary Wave Music will open the door for people to forget their concerns and dance.

Bob Marley Hope Road participants are welcomed into a world where everyone is united in joy by a single man’s heartbeat. As Bob Marley’s life and songs spread out around them in a lyrical tapestry of color and sound, guests will enter an authentic Jamaican experience.

Performers dance, sing, and engage with the audience as they eloquently depict the victories, difficulties, and poetry of the Jamaican people that inspired Bob Marley’s music. Trench Town comes to life, with enormous trees blossoming and streams rushing at their feet.

Seven days a week, during the day and at night, Bob Marley Hope Road will be open for visitors to celebrate his life and legacy with two unique experiences: Bob Marley Hope Road by Day and Bob Marley Hope Road by Night.

Hope Road by Day promises to be a multi-sensory, immersive, and enlightening experience. Hope Road by Night, on the other hand, is a thrilling, small-scale production that will engulf attendees in live spectacle. Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Scott Givens, and Larry Mestel are the project’s executive producers.

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