Chris Brown And Drake Pushing Through Their Attorneys To Squash “No Guidance” Lawsuit

After a few years of trading beef, Drake and Chris Brown buried the hatchet and celebrated the friendship milestone with their collaborative track, “No Guidance”, which also appeared on Breezy’s last studio LP, “Indigo”, dominating 2019’s summer.

Unfortunately, the success of the song also threatened to be its downfall, as it led to a lawsuit against both artists who are now being accused of ripping off “I Love Your Dress”, a single by Braindon Cooper, released in 2016.

Cooper, last month, had claimed that it was “both egotistical and without any legal basis whatsoever” to state that that both Breezy and the 6 god did not have “plausible” to his single. The attorneys for both artists are however demanding a dismissal to the case, describing Cooper’s record as an “obscure song” that contains a common phrase like “You got it.”

The attorneys for the multi-platinum-selling artists claimed that he can’t “exercise a monopoly” over the phrase.

“This is not a close call,” wrote Brown’s lawyer, James G. Sammataro’s, in a filing for the case, which claims that uploading a song to the internet, one of 82 million tracks on Spotify, and performing said song live does “not constitute widespread dissemination as a matter of law.”

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