Bob Marley’s Granddaughter, Zuri Marley, Admits He Would Have Loved To See Him Collaborate With Burna Boy And Fela Kuti

The iconic musician Bob Marley’s granddaughter has disclosed the person she would have preferred her grandfather to work with.

Zuri Marley, the late reggae legend’s granddaughter, stated in an interview conducted on the red carpet at the screening of the Bob Marley biopic film “One Love” that she would like to see her grandfather work with two prominent figures in Nigerian music. She picked Fela Kuti and Burna Boy for this imagined collaborative effort.

Similar to Bob Marley, Fela constantly clashed with military governments because he used his music as a weapon against the social and cultural inequality that was prevalent in Nigeria. Burna Boy is not an activist like Bob Marley or Fela Kuti, but he has produced music that draws attention to the pervasive injustice and corruption in Nigeria.

The documentary “One Love,” which is based on the life of the legendary reggae musician, was recently released by Bob Marley’s estate in association with Universal Music. An EP including renditions of several Bob Marley songs by Nigerian musicians Wizkid and Bloody Civilian was also released in conjunction with the biopic.

The continual release of posthumous recordings by Bob Marley’s estate just might bring Zuri Marley’s dreams of her granddad working with Fela Kuti and Burna Boy to fruition.

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