Britney Spears And Reunite For A New Single: ‘Mind Your Business’

The Duo's Surprise Collaboration Marks Spears' Second Post-Conservatorship Release

Britney Spears, the pop icon, and, the Black Eyed Peas member, have reunited for a new single titled ‘Mind Your Business.’ The announcement of this collaboration came as a surprise to fans on Monday, July 17, 2023, with the release set for the following day.

This collaboration marks Spears’ second release since her conservatorship ended, and it’s a significant step in her musical career. The duo had previously teamed up over a decade ago for the smash hit “Scream & Shout,” which was a commercial success worldwide. Fans of both artists are eagerly anticipating the new single, hoping it will recapture the magic of their previous collaboration.

The announcement of the new single was made via social media, where confirmed the news. The release of ‘Mind Your Business’ is a significant event, not just for the artists involved, but also for the music industry, as it marks the return of Britney Spears to the music scene after a period of personal and legal struggles.

Spears’ return to music has been met with widespread support from fans and fellow artists alike. Her previous post-conservatorship release was well-received, and there is a lot of anticipation for ‘Mind Your Business.’ The collaboration with is seen as a strong move, given their successful track record together.

In addition to the release of the new single, there are also rumors of a potential performance at Brighton Pride, further fueling the excitement among fans. However, these rumors have not been confirmed by either Spears or

‘Mind Your Business’ is expected to be a major release, and it is likely to make a significant impact on music charts worldwide. As fans eagerly await the release, the music industry is abuzz with speculation about the potential success of the single and what it means for the future of Britney Spears’ music career.

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