With The Help Of Elton John, Britney Spears Will Be Returning To Music With “Hold Me Closer”

It has been announced that Britney Spears will collaborate with Sir Elton John to make a comeback in the music industry. Although there are little details about the album, the new song, Hold Me Closer, will be her first official single since Slumber Party in 2016.

It was previously believed that the duo was composing a new version of Sir Elton John’s classic single Tiny Dancer from 1971. On Monday, Sir Elton uploaded a picture of a rose and rocket emoji on his official Instagram account along with the message “hold me closer.”

Spears has frequently mentioned “project rose” in recent social media posts, and the rocket emoji undoubtedly alludes to Sir Elton John’s 1972 song Rocket Man. Spears hasn’t yet commented on her new music, but longtime pal Paris Hilton recently said that she had heard it and thought it was “iconic.”

The DJ and socialite was interviewed by Paul Barewijk for his show, Paul Voor Je Neus, at the Tomorrowland event in Belgium. “I know, it’s going to be iconic. I just heard it a couple of days ago in Ibiza and it’s insane,” she said.

The high-profile partnership was rumored to exist last month, but there has been no formal confirmation as of yet, according to US media sites.

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