Burna Boy Receives Gift Of Self-Portrait Covered In Diamonds & Crystals

Apparently, surprise presents excite even huge celebrities that have it all. Nigerian Afrobeats megastar, Burna Boy, was recently blown away by a foreign fan who presented him with something unexpected and pricey from the looks of it. The fan, who also happens to be a professional artist, presented Burna with a portrait of himself. The work of art displays Burna from his shoulder up, hidden behind a glass frame and adorned with diamond stones and crystals.

The art’s revelation was captured on cam, and in the short clip, Burna appeared awestruck and lost for words as he took in every detail of the framed artwork. However, the artist was happy to explain his creative process to Odogwu when he asked how it all came together. The artist uncovered that he first had the painting done on canvas before encrusting the image with many precious stones.

A stoked Burna was impressed as he gave the artist a handshake, calling his creation “next level.” Another thing that is next level is getting a second nod from the Grammys. Burna was again nominated for another Grammy award in two different categories. Burna won his first Grammy in 2020 for his hit album, “Twice As Tall.”

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