Cardi B And Offset’s McDonald’s Deal Criticized By Franchisees

Cardi B and Offset are the most recent artists collaborating with McDonald’s in a fast food company partnership for a special offer. While the well-known chain is renowned for its relationships with musicians, particularly rappers, not all franchise owners, have embraced the Hip Hop couple’s special dinner. The Wall Street Journal claims Cardi and Set’s union lacks much support. Owners reportedly expressed concern about the couple failing to uphold the company’s moral standards.

Cardi B And Offset’s Mcdonald’s Deal Criticized By Franchisees, Yours Truly, News, April 12, 2024

The WSJ claimed to have investigated the emails between several franchisees. Due to the rappers’ “lyrics and lifestyle,” some restaurants indicated they wouldn’t advertise Cardi B and Offset’s dinner. Even their stores’ promotional materials were removed by the most outspoken critics, who “urged other franchisees to remove advertising and merchandise.” It is said that McDonald’s is home to approximately 1,000 franchises.

The Southeast and mid-Atlantic states appear to be the source of most complaints. Notwithstanding the alleged backlash, Tariq Hassan, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s in the United States, claimed that Cardi B and Offset’s meal was a celebration of love because it was introduced around Valentine’s Day. In the commercials, a couple enjoys their specially prepared supper together. However, neither the husband nor the wife has responded to the debate. In addition, the franchise owner’s detractors have not mentioned the couple’s mixed family of five children.

Travis Scott and Saweetie are two more musicians who have signed hefty contracts with comparable terms. Cardi is used to having her music spark controversy; songs like “Wap” and “Up” have done just that. From Capitol Hill to social media, even lawmakers have expressed outrage over Cardi’s lyrics, and she has defended herself at every turn. It will indeed be interesting to see how this pans out.

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