Chloe Bailey Covers Muni Long’s “Made For Me”; Goes Viral

Chloe Bailey is a talented and popular Instagram user who shares her stunning fitness photos and fashion sense with her followers. Her social media presence is not only limited to her beautiful pictures but she is also known for covering hit songs by other artists. Recently, Chloe’s cover of Muni Long’s R&B track “Made for Me” has received a lot of praise from fans, who have been captivated by her raw vocal talent and have continued circles of conversation on her artistry and personality. Her fans are always excited to hear her take on new songs, and she continues to inspire them with her creativity and talent.

Chloe also made headlines recently when she helped to rest rumours that her sister and musical collaborator, Halle Bailey, was “secretly pregnant.” Despite their efforts to combat fan speculation, it was later confirmed that Halle was indeed pregnant at the time. Halle gave birth to her first child last month, and everyone involved has since opened up about the relief of no longer having to keep the secret. However, some fans had pointed out that the pregnancy was not exactly the “best kept secret ever,” as rumours had been circulating for months before Halle gave birth.

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