Chrisean Rock Alleges Blueface Hit Her While She Was Carrying Their Son

Chrisean Rock has accused Blueface of assault, saying that while she was holding their son, the rapper hit her in the face. The shocking allegation was made on Thursday, December 21, early in the morning on an Instagram Live session.

Rock claimed that Blue had invited her over, and she had accepted his invitation in an effort to have some alone time while he looked after their son. But she claims he punched her in the face as soon as she got out of the car and started to get the food she had brought as well.

She then released the texts from Blue’s phone, which showed him asking her where she was and her telling him that she was driving up. She turned the camera to show Blue filming her at the same time she was filming him (perhaps from a second phone).

He asserted that the reason she shared the receipts was because Blue had stated she had unexpectedly shown up to his house. In addition, TMZ adds that in spite of Chrisean’s allegations, the police did not get a call.

Blueface has been accused of assault by Chrisean Rock before; an other incident occurred just this month. According to reports, Blueface assaulted the babysitter (a woman) after attempting to grab their boy from a nanny that Rock had arranged.

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