Chuddy K Readies for Comeback, Recounts Experience When Don Jazzy Paid Radio & TV Stations To “Stop Playing” His Songs; Admits To Struggling With Depression

Over ten years have passed since Chuddy K, a singer from Nigeria, entered the music business. His popular songs include “Gaga Crazy” and “Brazilian Hair.” He recently acknowledged, however, that Don Jazzy, the CEO of Mavin Records, was one of several problems and hindrances in his career. Even though he omitted to name the individuals he was alluding to, netizens used logic to conclude that Don Jazzy and Wande Coal were the individuals he was mentioning.

Chuddy K Readies For Comeback, Recounts Experience When Don Jazzy Paid Radio &Amp; Tv Stations To &Quot;Stop Playing&Quot; His Songs; Admits To Struggling With Depression, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024

Chuddy K asserted in an interview with Hip TV that Don Jazzy paid radio and TV stations to cease playing his songs because he viewed them as a threat. He claimed that as a result, he lost his income and popularity and nearly died from depression. Chuddy K further explained that the alleged actions by Don Jazzy had a devastating impact on his mental health, leading him to a dark place of despair. Despite the challenging times, he expressed his determination to overcome the setback and make a comeback in the music industry.

He said:

“Don Jazzy was the one who killed my career. He paid all the radio stations and TV stations to stop playing my songs. He did that because he was scared of me. He knew I was the next big thing in the industry. He wanted to frustrate me and make me give up on music. But I didn’t. I kept on pushing and believing in myself. I almost died of depression, but God saved me.”

Chuddy K also stated that he has forgotten what transpired and is not angry with Don Jazzy. He claimed to be content with his current priorities, including his family and music. Additionally, he cautioned up-and-coming musicians to always put their faith in God and to be cautious about who they associate with in the business.

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