Popular Comedian, I Go Dye, Recounts His Experience In A Port Harcourt Brothel 23 Years Ago

Francis Agoda, also known as ‘I Go Die,’ a Nigerian comedian, has given a highly personal story about his rise to popularity. He recalled an event from years ago when he found himself spending the night in a Port Harcourt brothel. On Tuesday, the comedian disclosed on his official Instagram account that he couldn’t afford a hotel stay due to a low payment he received for an event.

According to I Go Dye, he was paid 10,000 naira for the event without realizing it was to pay his meals, hotel, and transportation costs. He recalled approaching a sex worker and pleading with her to allow him spend the night in her room for a thousand Naira. He revealed he had to wait until 2 a.m. when customers stopped coming for the sex worker’s services.

And even when he had finally gained accommodation for the night, he said that as early as 5 in the morning, a customer came knocking. The sex worker then asked him to wait outside for 30 minutes, but according to the comedian, the sounds he heard from outside the door hurried him into a bus back to Warri.

In his lengthy caption, he concluded by saying that he shared his experience in order for everyone to realize that, whatever the difficulties they may be facing right now, there would be better days ahead and that faith must be upheld.

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