Tems Recounts Harrowing Experience In Ugandan Prison To Angie Martinez

Famous Nigerian musician Temilade Openiyi, better known by her stage name Tems, has recently shared details of her incarceration in Uganda during COVID. Remember that Tems and Omah Lay were detained for allegedly violating COVID-19 regulations in Uganda after their December 2020 performance. The “Me & You” singer appeared on Angie Martinez’s radio show and shared details of the encounter, her pick-up, and her eventual release. Tems asserts that her apprehension in Uganda seemed orchestrated. She pointed out that despite the fact that it was COVID year, things had already “opened up, and restrictions on movement” had lessened. The vocalist added that the show’s organizers claimed to have obtained permission to host and hinted at the role of a Ugandan artist, Bebe Cool, in the arrest.

Tems stated that she was having lunch in her hotel room with her manager when the plain-clothed police officers came to arrest her. The Nigerian singer claimed that she spent two nights in a Ugandan jail and that, because everything was so terrifying at the time, she didn’t think she would survive. Tems acknowledged that her time in prison had influenced her and that, having been a conservative before the ordeal, she now wore anything she pleased and wasn’t too conservative anymore. She also made a mental note that most of the women in prison had no serious offences that kept them in there, and as such, she decided to be more appreciative of her life and care less.

She also said that there was no bed, so she was forced to spend two days on the floor and was given a blanket and tissue. Tems also revealed the regulations they had to follow while incarcerated, including the requirement to approach their handlers on their knees and refrain from having direct conversations with them. Tems also talks candidly about the efforts her manager made to free her from prison. The singer claims that she could leave prison diplomatically when her manager’s father had to travel to Abuja for a meeting with the president, which led to informing the president of Uganda. Two days later, she regained her freedom.

Tems Recounts Harrowing Experience In Ugandan Prison To Angie Martinez, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024Tems Recounts Harrowing Experience In Ugandan Prison To Angie Martinez, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024

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