Coldplay to use energy-storing green bikes at Green tour

American pop group, Coldplay have announced the introduction of energy-storing stationary bikes at their upcoming green tour. While pledging to halve the CO2 emissions at their shows, the group says this is an expression of their unwavering commitment to creating sustainable communities where clean sources of energy are used.

This move will give the band an opportunity to harness the immense amount of electricity created through human movement and activities at musical shows. Coldplay has therefore introduced kinetic dance floors and energy-storing bikes to make their shows more environmentally friendly.

With each dance floor having the capacity to hold dozens of people at a time, energy is created and converted in real-time as fans move and dance about on them. The group has also announced pre-show contests to see which group of fans can generate the most amount of electricity. It is believed that a real-time showing of the result of their movement on the dance floor will give their fans a new sense of purpose and a commitment to a larger cause even while they are having the time of their lives at the concerts.

With each Bike having the capacity to generate an average of 200 watts of electricity, the energy generated from the bikes and dance floors will be a source of energy for the musical equipment at the show.

Coldplay also plans to reduce their use of air travel to only necessary cases. The group says they will use more trains and electric vehicles as much as possible. The group will also make use of solar panels, while their trucks and backstage generators will also be powered with alternative fuels like hydrotreated vegetable oil. There will also be biodegradable confetti and compostable wristbands for the audience.

Having pledged their commitment to creating sustainable communities, the group is also creating incentives for their fans to follow suit. With the help of a free app which presents fans with environmentally-friendly options of transportation, the group is offering discounts on merchandise for fans who make use of bikes, public transport, and more environmentally friendly transportation means while travelling to their shows. The group hopes to soon be able to offer free local public transport for their fans coming to the gigs in Europe and America

With this announcement, Coldplay has now joined a list of top artists who have expressed their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and the subsequent climate effects of their tours. Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, The Lumineers, Dave Matthews Band, Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Lorde, The Chicks, Jason Isbell, and The 1975 have earlier separately expressed their commitment to reducing carbon footprints at their shows.

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