CeeLo Green

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CeeLo Green Basic Information

Stage Name: CeeLo Green
Real Name: Thomas DeCarlo Callaway-Burton
Occupation: Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: May 30, 1975 (48) Years Old
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Divorcee
Education: Benjamin E. Mays High School

Riverside Military Academy High School

Height: 1.70 m
Net Worth: $26M

CeeLo Green Biography

CeeLo Green, born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway-Burton on May 30, 1975, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor. Hip hop and R&B fans will be familiar with his work from the Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy” and his solo single “Fuck You.” Green participated in four seasons of the American reality television singing competition The Voice from 2011 to 2013 as a judge and coach.

Green has appeared in a number of advertisements, including those for 7 Up, Duracell, M&Ms, and the sake company TYKU. Five Grammy distinctions, a BET Award, a Billboard Music Award, and a Brit Award are just a few of the honors and distinctions that his work has received.

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Being the son of two ordained Baptist ministers, Thomas Burton was raised in Atlanta. His parents, Thomas Burton Sr. and Sheila J. Tyler-Callaway were also firefighters, and he began playing music in the church. Green lost his father when he was just two years old. When Green was 16 years old, his mother was crippled in a car accident; she passed away in 1993, when Green was 18.

Green’s career with Goodie Mob had only recently started to take off when his mother passed away. In “She Knows” and “A Little Better” from Gnarls Barkley’s The Odd Couple (2008) and “Guess Who” from Goodie Mob’s Soul Food (1995), he would particularly mention the passing of his parents.

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CeeLo’s only sibling is her sister, Shedonna Alexander. Together with his sister Shedonna Alexander, CeeLo founded the GreenHouse Foundation. It covers a range of subjects, but mostly focuses on teaching students how to live sustainably.

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Cee Lo Green and Christina Johnson have only one child, Kingston. On September 30, 2000, they welcomed him. Kingston also began to lean heavily toward the music sector. He must have had plenty of experience singing and writing songs growing up with his father.

Kingston identified himself as a Grammy-winning engineer, producer, and musician on Instagram. Along with several others, he collaborated on the album “333” with Tinashe. Additionally, he has a SoundCloud profile.

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Sierra Johnson is CeeLo’s stepdaughter from his marriage to Christina Johnson. CeeLo became a grandfather after she gave birth to a baby boy in 2020. Sierra appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 reality show. Sierra formerly had her own cosmetics business, Kiss & Makeup. It operated successfully for seven years, from 2010 until 2017, when it was dissolved.

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After proposing to his longtime girlfriend Shani James while they were both in the studio, Cee Lo confirmed in 2015 that they had been engaged for a year. The musician revealed to People how he had bought a ring that the pair had discovered months before and had hidden it in some old equipment.

He requested Shani to reach inside the equipment when they were both in the studio to get something, and she ended up finding Cee Lo’s secret gift. Since then, they’ve been engaged. Before dating Shani, Ce eLo had a five-year marriage to Christina Johnson, which ended in divorce in 2005.

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Net Worth

Cee Lo Green has a net worth of $26 million and has generated over $20 million from his music. Cee Lo Green has also made about $5 million in royalties from his music, reportedly earning $400K annually from music royalties alone.


While he enjoys lavishing himself with expensive clothes and flashy cars, he also purchased a vintage Auburn Speedster. Back in the 1920s and 1930s, when the automobiles were first manufactured, they were an obvious show of wealth. Finding a restored Speedster today is extremely difficult, hence the high price. CeeLo, on the other hand, does not have to be concerned about a meager $130,000.


Cee Lo Green has a property in Hollywood, California. Cee Lo Green owns another property in Atlanta, Georgia. His Atlanta Georgia home is estimated to be worth $2 million. His Hollywood, California home is estimated to be worth $7 million. Despite owning a home in Hollywood, California, he spent the majority of his time in Atlanta, Georgia. According to him, the Atlanta, Georgia lifestyle allows him to make songs.


He made his big-screen debut with his old band, Goodie Mob, in the 1999 movie Mystery Men. He has since made a number of cameos on TV shows such Robot Chicken (2007), The Boondocks (2008), and Miami Beach Ocean Drive Music Festival (2010). Cee Lo appeared in two films in 2012: the animated film Hotel Transylvania and the Whitney Houston-starring Sparkle.

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