Continued Health Problems, According To Skepta, “Ultimately Steered My Life”

Since his early 20s, Skepta claims to have had stomach problems, which have finally changed his life. The London rap artist opened up about his challenges with his health issues on his Instagram Story on Tuesday.

“Through song lyrics or word of mouth some of you know I have suffered from IBS/Stomach Ulcers/problems since my early 20’s,” wrote Skepta. “Apart from me not being able to maintain a steady weight, depression, short term memory loss it also controls my moods which has ultimately steered my Life.”

He continued by saying that he had attempted to get the problems diagnosed but had so far been unsuccessful. He had also sought for assistance from anyone else who may have gone through a situation like this.

“I’ve had an endoscopy and nothing was found but I still get crippling waves of pain in my stomach,” he explained. “So I think the next thing for me to do is to book an MRI scan but if anybody has any experience or advice about this kind of thing I would love to talk still.”

Skepta continued by “sending strength” to anyone facing comparable medical problems and pleading with them not to “let it ruin your Life.” See Skepta’s Instagram post below.

Continued Health Problems, According To Skepta, &Quot;Ultimately Steered My Life&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, February 27, 2024

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