Dame Dash Is “Disappointed” In J. Cole For Apologizing To Kendrick Lamar

In a recent interview with America Nu Network, Dame Dash shared his candid thoughts about J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar for his diss track “7 Minute Drill.” Dame Dash clarified that he did not intend to offend anyone, but he expressed his disappointment with J. Cole for backing down from the feud. He explained that he believed the feud was not intense and that J. Cole should have stood his ground. It’s worth noting that although J. Cole chose to end the feud, Drake took the opportunity to respond with his diss track, “Push Ups,” last week. Fans are still eagerly awaiting Kendrick Lamar’s response to the diss track. So far, aside from Metro Boomin and Future’s double-header projects “We Don’t Trust You” and “We Still Don’t Trust You,” Rick Ross is the only artist who has responded with his song “Champagne Moments” after being named by Drake.

“As a fan, I’m disappointed,”

“[…] No disrespect to J. Cole but as a fan, it seemed like he threw up the white flag. I think he was smart on a business level to capitalize and put an album out with the retaliation [‘7 Minute Drill’] , and that sh*t did well from [what] I saw. So for business, it was smart to put it out.”

“Personally, I wouldn’t have gave seven minutes — pause. I didn’t even hear the whole sh*t. I thought Kendrick assassinated them n****s with the lyrics and the beat was vicious. It seemed like it bugged him so much he that gave him seven minutes but it wasn’t a vicious seven minutes. I don’t want to hear The Simpsons and all that in rap […] Him apologizing was him saying, ‘You won, you the best. I can’t f*ck with you.’ I’m not mad at him. It’s great he can take the high road but what high road? They were f*cking battling. Nothing was said that was too disrespectful. I didn’t hear nothing about kids, n****s ain’t talking about wives so it wasn’t a beef. A beef is when n****s gonna kill each other.”

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