Daniel Caesar & Mustafa’s Toronto 2014 Pays Homage To The Past The Journey

Daniel Caesar, the Grammy-winning artist, and Mustafa, the Toronto-based poet and singer, have recently collaborated to take their fans on a nostalgic journey with the music video for “Toronto 2014”. The video, directed by Trent Munson, is a reflection of their past, showcasing their early beginnings and perseverance. It is a testament to their journey and the evolution of their music careers.

The video for “Toronto 2014” is a blend of vintage footage and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their lives. It includes scenes from Caesar’s life, such as flights with friends and playing guitar, interspersed with photos from his childhood. The video beautifully captures the dichotomy of the present-day singers enjoying the spoils of the current times while reflecting on the lives that they used to live.

“Toronto 2014” is a track from Daniel Caesar’s third studio album, “Never Enough”, which was released in early April. The album, which features artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Omar Apollo, and Serpentwithfeet, has been critically acclaimed. It marks the end of a nearly four-year hiatus from Caesar’s sophomore album, “Case Study 01”, which featured artists like Brandy, Pharell Williams, and John Mayer.

The song “Toronto 2014” is an ode to nostalgia and a reflection on the journey that both artists have taken. The lyrics, “If I could only find my way through space-time/ Back to when I was happy being me” and “I can hear the bells ringin’, remindin’ us why/ We’re still here singin’, it’s Father Time/ We’re stuck in The Matrix, living a lie/ I’m not afraid to die”, encapsulate the essence of the song.

The release of the video has been met with positive reviews and has been appreciated by fans for its authenticity and the raw emotions it evokes. It serves as a reminder of the journey that both artists have taken and the evolution of their music over the years.

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