Davido Hilariously Flees From A Psychic Who Accurately Names The First Woman He Kissed

Davido, the world-renowned Afrobeat artist, was reportedly seen fleeing a psychic after being surprised by him. Davido hurried away from the’magician’ who properly revealed the name of the first lady he kissed. A video of the event, which was shared online, has been making the rounds.

It was evident when the psychic approached Davido with the intention of challenging and impressing him with some magic feats. The magician began by asking Davido how he would feel if he told him the name of the first woman he kissed. Davido exclaimed with a blend of surprise and doubt.

The psychic then instructed Davido to visualize the lady in his mind, and he would tell him who she was. A few seconds later, the magician correctly revealed that the first lady with whom Davido had his first kiss was named Sarah. Davido screamed in shock and ran away from the scene.

Davido’s “Timeless” tour has also continued, and he will now take it to Dubai. He revealed this on his social media website, encouraging his Dubai supporters to get ready for his performance. Since the release of his album “Timeless,” which broke numerous records, Davido has continued to travel the world, performing at various sold-out arenas.

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