Deadeye (Kit Downes, Reinier Baas, Jonas Burgwinkel) – Deadeye

Three of Europe’s most forward-thinking jazz musicians: Reinier Baas (NL), Jonas Burgwinkel (DE) and Kit Downes (UK) join forces with Deadeye.Deadeye (Kit Downes, Reinier Baas, Jonas Burgwinkel) - Deadeye, Yours Truly, News, May 22, 2024

Deadeye uses the tried and tested formula of Hammond organ, drums and guitar to shed new light on the wildly diverse influences of its members. The result is a wide musical scope, in which Jazzrock, traditional British folk music and 20th-century Classical music are unified.

Although all three of its members share a love for improvisation and the unexpected, they each bring something deeply personal to the table: ethereal textures, undulating yet highly danceable rhythms and angular melodies. Their self-titled debut album is out today!

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