Jonas Blue X Felix Jaehn’s “Weekends” Out Today

“Weekends” is an upbeat and energetic track that will instantly lift your spirits and banish the winter blues. The collaboration between Jonas Blue and Felix Jaehn came about after the two artists found themselves playing at the same residency in Ibiza. With their shared love for music and a desire to create something different, the two musicians teamed up to create this electrifying dance track.

Jonas Blue X Felix Jaehn’s “Weekends” Out Today, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

The lyrics of “Weekends” celebrate the joys of letting loose and enjoying the good times, with a catchy chorus that will have you singing along. Jonas and Felix have combined their unique styles to create a dynamic and exciting track that is sure to become a staple of dance floors everywhere.

2023 is shaping up to be a huge year for both Jonas and Felix. Jonas has already sold out his headline show at London’s Ministry of Sound, and with new U.S. residencies in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, his popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, Felix has had a string of successful releases in 2022, including “Call It Love,” which is currently on the radio charts in over 23 European countries.

“Weekends” is a must-listen for anyone who loves upbeat dance music and is looking for a burst of energy and positivity to carry them through the winter months. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to let loose, because Jonas Blue and Felix Jaehn are taking the world by storm with their infectious new track!

Listen here:

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