Sophie Turner Drops “Child Abduction” Charges In Lawsuit Against Joe Jonas As Custody Agreement Is In Place

In terms of child custody, Sophie Turner and her ex-husband Joe Jonas appear to have things under control for the time being, which is why she is requesting that the judge dismiss her entire “child abduction” lawsuit from last year. According to recently obtained court documents, the ex-couple’s counsel is requesting that the judge in their federal case from New York, which Sophie initially filed in September, dismiss the entire action. This is because of the parenting plan they worked out back in October.

To put it another way, they’re indicating that they’ve agreed to drop the charges, and it has to do with the custody arrangements they’ve made with UK courts. This matter is essentially over, even if a judge has not yet given his or her approval, and this is significant given how dramatic the initial court case involving Sophie’s citation of a child abduction statute was.

Even though it seems like there are still unresolved issues with the divorce, Sophie and Joe appear to have moved on romantically, with Sophie dating British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson and Joe dating the model, Stormi Bree.

It is comforting to know that she and Joe have ended up in a much better place; with their divorce still pending, they have temporarily sorted out who will get the kids and when, which is what they are using as justification to dismiss the case she filed. The couple agreed to a temporary child custody arrangement in October, marking the beginning of their attempts to patch things up. The children would alternate between them for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This merely indicates that the ex-couples are still trying to work things out in private, perhaps for the benefit of their kids.

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