Dida Pelled Announces New Album

Brooklyn-based Israeli jazz guitarist, Dida Pelled has today announced the date for the release of her new album. The album titled “Love of the Tiger” is scheduled for release in June of 2022. The famed Mississippi’s greatest jazz guitarist has also released two singles off her forthcoming album. Melody and Skinny will be part of the multitrack album due for release in June. You can listen to Melody and Skinny below:

Describing what went into the making of “Melody”, Pelled said the songs started more as an experiment of her own rebellious creative techniques. She explained that the need to get away from all she’s known about her own creative process to try something different pushed her to force herself into experimenting with new sounds in the hope of creating something different. Melody, she continued, was thus the product of artistic exercise, a process she embarked on without a specific goal in mind.

Even though she is only just releasing “Melody” off her album, she explained that the song had been written a couple of years back. The pandemic necessitated a review of the song, which gained an extra verse from her producer, KNWLDG. The result of the perfect union is the “Melody” she released today.

Skinny, on the other hand, is the product of deep introspection and the questioning of societal rituals of conformity.  The soon to be released album is described as an expression of many feelings including obsession, salvation, fleeting love, smoke and mirrors, madness and many others.

The album will also feature an earlier released stunning single, “Sylvia” which has been viewed over 21,000 times on YouTube in just over four weeks. You can watch “Sylvia” below:

The Israeli music maestro started playing the guitar at 11 while she was in elementary school. She later got introduced to Jazz music at 15 while she was in High School, and that introduction has since defined her existence.

In a recent interview with, Dida identified Dinah Washington, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Blossom Dearie, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, The Smiths, Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Lou Reed, Randy Newman, Nirvana, and Ahmad Jamal as some of the musicians from whom she derived her biggest inspirations from growing up. The artists thus helped Dida define her sound very early in her career. She is now hoping to once again redefine her sound with the new album.

Love of the Tiger will be Dida’s fourth studio album following the release of Play End Sings in 2010, and A Missing Shade of Blue, an instrumental album, in 2016. The forthcoming album will therefore be different from the known sound of Dida, and it could yet indicate the beginning of her self-reinvention.  While she is set to release her fourth album, Dida has also hinted that a new album could already be in the works.

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