DJ Cuppy Shares On Failed Relationship With Boxer Ryan Taylor

DJ Cuppy is trending following her post on Instagram, and this post follows her trending on social media over her costly phone being stolen a few weeks ago. Fans have been drawn in by an intriguing social media post by billionaire heiress Florence Otedola, better known online as DJ Cuppy, as her failed engagement to boxer and BMX rider Ryan Talor, as well as her ideas on life and its uncertainties, were discussed in a post she uploaded on her verified Instagram page. Fans speculated, with some linking her recent breakup to the odd statement.

Recently, DJ Cuppy’s ex-boyfriend gave reasons for breaking up with her, which sparked rumours that her posts in recent times were related to these private affairs. In the post, DJ Cuppy opened up about her journey of self-discovery and how she has been navigating through life’s ups and downs. She emphasized the importance of embracing change and learning from past experiences.

Speaking at the Wimbiz London Conference, DJ Cuppy posted on social media, sparking speculation among her fan base regarding the significance of her statements and provoking conversation. DJ Cuppy made a passing reference to the difference between people and obligations without being too explicit. To put it in her own words,

 “Now I can stand here and tell you how unpredictable my life has been despite being from a privileged background. Whether its my failed jewellery line which I did at 28 years old, or going to University of Oxford at 29 and almost failing class. Perhaps a cherry top, last year I got engage and I’m no longer engaged but such is life and I know my story is still happening and there is more to come and I’m okay with the uncertainties.”

Dj Cuppy Shares On Failed Relationship With Boxer Ryan Taylor, Yours Truly, News, May 27, 2024Dj Cuppy Shares On Failed Relationship With Boxer Ryan Taylor, Yours Truly, News, May 27, 2024


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