Cuppy And Ryan Taylor’s Relationship Is Allegedly Not Supported By Cuppy’s Mother

DJ Cuppy recently announced on Instagram that Oxford University had awarded her a master’s degree in African studies. She obtained a master’s degree in Music Business from New York University in 2015; thus, this would be her second. As anticipated, as soon as she posted pictures from her graduation ceremony, congratulations messages from her coworkers, friends, fans, and fiancé poured in.

But, Internet users were quick to realize that the Otedolas might not accept Cuppy’s White fiancé. Cuppy’s mother, Nana Otedola, was seen looking at Ryan in one of the pictures with a corner of her eye. Some others believe it was their excessive PDA that may have been the cause. Many users commented on Cuppy’s post, saying that Ryan Taylor is not liked or trusted by her mother and that Cuppy should find a black man.

Cuppy’s parents have been quiet over her relationship with Ryan so far, so it becomes tough to tell if her mother supports their burgeoning romance. However, the case is smooth and easy to assume for Cuppy on Ryan’s end as his parents have shown full acceptance of Cuppy, to the point of hanging out with her on a couple of occasions. She has also shared photos from such random in-law linkups, and frankly, they are adorable.

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