DJ Cuppy Responds To Ryan Taylor’s Allegation That He Dumped Her

DJ Cuppy responded classily when her ex-fiance, Ryan Taylor, revealed the cause of their breakup and who dumped who. Taylor had previously disclosed that he was the one who had broken up with his ex-girlfriends particularly because they were all “shit drivers.”

Upon noticing her ex’s mouth running on their private business, Cuppy seemed to take it lightly, joking that the only “dumping” she’s gets comes from dumplings. She wrote this in a message attached to a picture she shared on her Snapchat story.

The picture showed the celeb DJ enjoying some dumplings at a fancy eatery, staring at the cam like she’s trying to make someone jealous.

Dj Cuppy Responds To Ryan Taylor'S Allegation That He Dumped Her, Yours Truly, News, June 19, 2024

Cuppy’s ex had come under fire when he had declared that he was the one who did the dumping in the failed relationship with Cuppy. DJ Cuppy’s fans came to her rescue immediately, clapping back at Ryan, insisting it was the other way round instead, with Cuppy doing the dumping.

Somehow, Cuppy is managing to carry on with her heartbreak in good faith, paying more attention to her career. Recently, she had to temporarily quell the insatiable appetites of her fans who want new material from her. Cuppy revealed she is still learning the ropes of making really great music and that fans have to bear with her for the time being.

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