Don Jazzy Vibes To Ayra’s “Sability”; Gets Groovy With Endowed Lady in New Video

The well-known music mogul and philanthropist Don Jazzy recently stirred some conversation with a dancing video featuring him and a woman. Many were immediately piqued by the video, which featured him moving to his signee Ayra Starr’s well-known song, “Sability.” The two were trying to complete the music challenge while dancing, and their chemistry made the video much more amusing.

Everyone’s eyes were transfixed on the Screen as Don Jazzy displayed his distinctive dance moves. However, the moment the woman leaned slightly to reveal her bottom sent everyone into a frenzy. As expected, this created a commotion and allowed the audience to make suggestive remarks.


Fans of Ayra will be pretty pleased to see the Mavin CEO vibing to one of his talent’s songs, and this may well serve as a boost for her and the other mavin signees as this will show confidence in their talent and ability to deliver hits and sell themselves to the music-loving public.

This comes after Don Jazzy advised up-and-coming artists while using the media to clear the air over streaming farms in the Nigerian music industry a few days prior. Don Jazzy eventually revealed the truth through his most recent podcast, which is available on Apple Music.

The CEO of Mavin Records informed up-and-coming musicians that streaming farms are a hoax because they don’t exist in Nigeria. He also emphasized how pricey such equipment is and how no one in the nation could afford it. The number of streams for Nigerian music was another topic on which Don Jazzy educated his audience.

Don Jazzy Vibes To Ayra'S &Quot;Sability&Quot;; Gets Groovy With Endowed Lady In New Video, Yours Truly, News, March 2, 2024

Don Jazzy, one of the most well-known song producers in the Nigerian entertainment sector, has some encouraging words for up-and-coming musicians. He advised them to disregard rumors about “streaming farms” and to rest easy knowing that organizations that offer music streaming maintain logs of every streaming activity. He gave them more motivation by pointing out that streaming services also help upcoming musicians and that there are other ways to promote their music besides streaming.

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