Don Jazzy Describes Using Rema To Woo A White Lady In France

Don Jazzy, a highly regarded music producer and record label owner, is overjoyed with Rema’s spectacular global rise in recent years. His joy is unmistakable and he couldn’t help but share his latest fun wooing strategy for a white woman he recently met.

Don Jazzy revealed on Instagram that he now uses Rema as a pickup line while engaging with females from all over the world. He detailed a specific event during his recent trip to Paris in the video, where he met a lovely white lady whom he was keen to approach.

When the lady enquired about his goal in Paris, Don Jazzy said that he had come to manage his investments. However, he did not stop there; when she enquired about the performance of his investment, he proudly produced evidence of Rema’s most recent success—the sold-out event he had held in Paris.

The music entrepreneur strategically leveraged Rema’s successes to leave a lasting impression on the woman, who was undoubtedly moved by his prodigious protégé’s stature and influence. The viral video showed Don Jazzy’s appreciation for Rema’s extraordinary rise from a young musician to a worldwide success and the pride and happiness he feels for his signee’s accomplishments.

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