L.A.X – ‘No Bad Vibes’ Album Review

No Bad Vibes


  • Genre: African
  • Date: 21 Apr, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2023 Rasaki Music Ltd / EMPIRE

Rasaki Music founder L.A.X has at long last released his eagerly awaited album, “No Bad Vibes.” L.A.X’s talent as a musician and his commitment to his craft are demonstrated by the album, which includes a few incredible performers from both domestic and foreign markets.

The 12-track album “No Bad Vibes” highlights L.A.X’s distinctive fusion of Afrobeats and R&B. Artists including Ayra Starr, Black Sherif, Konshens, and DJ Obi, among others, make guest appearances on the album, enhancing its variety of styles and sounds.

Album Cover Art

L.a.x - 'No Bad Vibes' Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 2, 2023

L.A.X, in an all-black outfit, is seated on a mattress in what appears to be the inside of a trailer. It would seem like he was having a blast but had to pause for a bit to take a shot for the culture. And wherever you see Zaza blinged up and looking dapper, with dollar bills in the mix, then you best believe there will be No Bad Vibes.

Tracks and Features

Zaza gets sentimental in the album’s first song, where he is found pleading with his love interest to go “Easy On Me.” He feels choked with the connection and goes ahead to spill his emotions, as he mentions the many crazy and expensive things he had done for her. He claims to be committed to her alone and somehow wouldn’t stop chasing even though she makes herself scarce. These things plague his mind, so he frees his mind when he blows some good old trees. L.A.X invites Konshens to the lit party on “Change Your Life.” In this track, Zaza is on a mission to sway a damsel seriously “entering his eye.” He attempts to hack into her mind by making her irresistible offers which Konshens helped elucidate in his smooth reggae way. Great beat too.

The “Energy” goes up on the Clemzy-produced song, which features superstar disc jockey DJ Obi. The song is Zaza practically raising his middle finger high enough for his haters to see. The lyrics show that he is unfazed by the crap that comes at him and that he has “too much energy.” He sings about fun times with the guys featured on the song. The production was classy, and it was some ingenious stuff bringing in the violins at the end there. A fan fave, “Options,” with the special Sabi girl, Ayra Starr, comes next. The synergy of both artists is pretty sexy, assuming the roles of lovers in a dysfunctional connection where Ayra is the faithful and committed girlfriend that fell in love with an irredeemable playboy. But she is done with his shit and is finally choosing herself, which lends some wisdom to women feeling trapped in toxic relationships.

“Zaza” takes the vibe back to the dancefloor, and prides himself as the life of the party. He jumps on the bounce in the beat and delivers on point while he promises a woman heaven and earth. Another highlight on the album, “Balance,” features Ronnie Flex. It’s pretty much a feel-good jam with all the right touches. If Zaza’s pen game came clutch on this song, it would’ve been more fire. Ronnie’s presence, the choice of beat, and the melodious flow saved the outing. The texture of Ronnie’s vocals was made for this song.

“Waist Drop” is an ode to waist-whining, and Clemzy understood the assignment in a way that only a lover of twerking can. This is a trap women with flexible waistlines will be beyond happy to fall into. Amapiano shows up in “Joani,” which features Loui. Again, Zaza’s pen game falls short. His verse sounds like a haphazard freestyle that somehow managed to come out slick. This would be eventually become a fan fave especially for the party-goers.

“Bounce” with Ghana’s Black Sherif shows that L.A.X has a strong attachment to the booty and wouldn’t mind watching it bounce, so he lets his lover know. Sherif knew to also bring his deep lyrics and gangster harmonies to the party. “Sweetest Tune” closes the album with some retro, Makossa vibe. Monica seems to have swallowed Zaza’s brain whole, and he is not ashamed to let us know.





1Easy On MeL.A.X
2Change Your Life (feat. Konshens)L.A.X
3Energy (feat. DJ Obi)L.A.X & Clemzy
4OptionsL.A.X & Ayra Starr
6BalanceL.A.X & Ronnie Flex
7Waist DropL.A.X
8JoaniL.A.X & Loui
9Bounce (feat. Black Sherif)L.A.X
12Sweetest TuneL.A.X

Album Theme

L.A.X speaks on topics of love, heartbreak, happiness, consistency, and personal growth throughout the album, showcasing his entrancing voice and clever lyrics.

Production Credits

Clemzy, STG and a couple of other producers worked on the album’s production.


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