Drake Leaks Rick Ross’ DM With Degrading Caption As Animosity Continues

Drake and Rick Ross, once considered one of the most hit-making, dependable duos in hip-hop, have become bitter enemies. The two artists have been exchanging diss tracks in the past week, and Ross has been taunting Drake by posting DMs and Instagram Live videos between them. However, Ross has been reluctant to share Drake’s response to his insults. On the other hand, Drake took a screenshot of their conversation and added a harsh caption: “Look how I talk to this turkey. You should have just asked for another feature.” DJ Akademiks shared the screenshot on Instagram. In his response, Drake discredited Ross’s reputation as a mogul and challenged his extravagant lifestyle as a facade. Drake also claimed that Ross shares his “private jet” with others, adding laughing emojis to his statement.

“Imagine you having 88 million to spend on a crib,” “Your s**ts be steals like you got em from a police auction.”

“You put a wrap on your timeshare yet,”

“That s**t coming off when it’s the other people turn to fly.”

According to reports, Drake’s net worth is estimated to be over $250 million, significantly higher than Rick Ross’ estimated $150 million. This wealth discrepancy may have been why Drake felt confident comparing Ross to Brett Berish, a well-known entrepreneur and CEO of Sovereign Brands. Drake suggested that Ross has to rely on side hustles to make money because his music doesn’t sell as well as his. The “God’s Plan” rapper went so far as to say, “You’re Brett now. You’re not Rozay anymore.” Some have interpreted this comment as a sign of disrespect towards Ross, who has been a mainstay in the rap game for over a decade. Despite this perceived slight, Ross responded to Drake’s comments with a video, citing Birdman’s foreclosure and putting Drake on the clock with a challenge.

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