Dunsin Oyekan Releases Vibrating Worship Song ‘Undignified’ (Excuse Me)


The latest musical release from the highly acclaimed gospel minister Dunsin Oyekan is now available for listening pleasure. “Undignified (Excuse Me)” comes with a stunningly beautiful music video that will captivate and uplift the spirits of all who watch it. Dunsin Oyekan’s “Undignified (Excuse Me)” showcases his exceptional talent as a songwriter and performer, delivering powerful lyrics that resonate with listeners deeply. The music video not only adds visual depth to the song but also brings to life the essence of worship and celebration, creating an immersive worship experience.

On his Instagram page, Oyekan shared a deeply personal and moving message about his latest song. He believes that the lyrics of this song will deeply resonate with many people who have their own stories of hardship and faith. Oyekan is passionate about expressing his praise wholeheartedly and intends to do so in this song. He emphasized that he will not hold back in acknowledging God’s abundant goodness and hopes that this song will bring comfort and joy to those who listen. Oyekan also thanked his fans for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout his musical journey. He hopes that by sharing his personal experiences and faith through this song, he can inspire others to find strength and hope in their lives. Oyekan believes that music can heal and unite people, and he is excited to see how this song will touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.


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