Dunsin Oyekan – The Birth of Revival Album Review

The Birth of Revival

Dunsin Oyekan

  • Genre: Christian
  • Date: 22 Jan, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 Dunsin Oyekan

On January 22, 2023, Dunsin Oyekan released his eagerly anticipated new album, “The Birth of Revival.” This 14-track album, which is currently available for streaming and purchase on all major platforms, offers stirring melodies that are sure to uplift and encourage listeners.

Dunsin Oyekan - The Birth Of Revival Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 22, 2024

The album is a live recording that features Dunsin’s strong voice and charismatic stage presence. It features a distinctive fusion of modern gospel music and African rhythms and melodies.

He has been a prominent presence in the gospel music field for more than a decade and is renowned for his ability to elicit listeners’ emotional responses.

A must-have for fans of gospel music and those looking for inspiring and Soul-lifting music, “The Birth of Revival” is a masterpiece.

According to Dunsin, there will be a spiritual rebirth in the hearts of those who listen to this album as it inspires and encourages them to grow in their relationship with God.

Tracks and Features

Dunsin Oyekan - The Birth Of Revival Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 22, 2024

The 14-track album opens with “Maranatha.” The prophetic sound this track releases seek to praise God as the lyrics speak of his Royalty and Supremacy. The backup vocals glide effortlessly and in unison after the soloist introduces the lines in his verse. There’s complete harmony in their vocal combinations as they perform modulations In perfect sync.

The next track, ” Let your Sound,” follows almost the same progression as the first. Again, Dunsin is fired up as he prophetically sings his lyrics intended to uplift the Soul as it magnifies the superiority of God and his ability to dwell in the praises of Man.

” When I see You” is a calm worship melody with a catchy tune. Dunsin and his team of vocalists execute to perfection the track about having an encounter with God and what he expects to happen. The background vocals blend incredibly well and send chills to your ears with their smooth delivery.

“Yaweh be praised” is a jivey song that reverence God and says, “he is all that matters. ” The instrumentation progression is commendable and technically rhythmic.

“Stand in the Gap” is an intercession song that seeks to raise a sound of adoration for a generation.
The delectable and gifted Mercy Chinwo is on “Who is on the lord’s side,” and as you can expect, this is a beautiful duet.

The band plays beautifully well- doesn’t put a foot wrong throughout. The track asks, “who is on the lord’s side” as it declares that forever God remains good. Very sublime riffs and runs with pleasant modulations are on display for the listening pleasure of the listener.

The more somber ” Holy is the Lord” is a track that hymn lovers will repeat for days as the lyrics are simple and have an easy flow.

“Crown of Souls” follows the album’s trend as it exalts God’s sovereignty.

“The great revivalist,” oh to love you,” “I will stay,” “Because he is, I am, “Finger of God” are all tracks in the album that will have listeners reminiscing about how grace has found them. These tracks will have the listener reflect on the intervention of God in their lives, irrespective of their weaknesses.

“Benediction” is a perfect close for the album as the soloist and the instrumentalist are in sync and fine-tuned. The track is the musical representation of the ‘closing’ prayer found in Christendom.

As usual, the instrumentation and vocals of the backups are top-notch and applaudable. The song prays for the Father’s Love, the Son’s grace, and the fellowship of the ‘Holy Spirit ” to abide. It plays to a smooth fade and closes the listening journey.





1 Maranatha 6:35
2 Let Your Sound 9:46
3 When I See You 13:32
4 Yahweh Be Praised 7:20
5 Stand in the Gap 12:37
6 Who Is on the Lord’s Side (feat. Mercy Chinwo) 10:29
7 Holy Is the Lord 10:18
8 Crown of Souls 8:03
9 The Great Revivalist 13:14
10 Oh to Love You (Conversation with the Father) 14:14
11 I Will Stay 16:37
12 Because He Is, I Am 10:34
13 Finger of God 10:28
14 Benediction 13:29


Dunsin and his crew made another amazing project for the body of Christ. This album will seek to uplift the downcast souls of Men and align them back to their purpose.


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