Veekee James Joins Forces With Shallom Matthew & Oba In Soul-Stirring Worship Song ‘Olugbeja’

Veekee James, a talented gospel singer, has joined forces with Shallom Matthew and Oba to create a beautiful and soulful gospel track titled “Olugbeja.” Produced by the renowned Mac Roc, this song is a follow-up to the released track “Nothing Less,” which was dropped in May. With its uplifting beats and inspiring lyrics, “Olugbeja” is sure to resonate with gospel music enthusiasts all over the world. The collaboration between Veekee James, Shallom Matthew, and Oba brings together their unique vocal styles and harmonies, creating a captivating blend of talent. “Olugbeja” showcases their artistry and highlights their collective passion for spreading the message of faith and hope through music. This latest release is bound to leave listeners feeling uplifted and connected to the power of gospel music.

As the worship song fills the air, its soul-stirring sound uplifts the hearts of believers and elevates their faith. With a harmonious blend of vocal and backup support, the singers’ voices rise in unison to extol the greatness and supremacy of God. The melody carries a sense of awe and reverence, resonating deep within the souls of those who listen. Each note and lyric intertwine to create a powerful atmosphere of worship, where believers can connect with the divine and experience a profound spiritual connection.

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