Dwayne Johnson Lavishes Money On His Mother As She Clocks 75

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t afraid to let fans in on intimate family moments. Johnson usually invites the fans to catch a glimpse of everything he does, from having his daughters paint on his face to giving his relative a house. In the same manner, Johnson, on his Instagram page, shared a nice moment he enjoyed with the fam.

This time, the Rock was celebrating his mother’s 75th birthday and in the most stunning way. Many of his fans were shocked because they had never seen Johnson in such a relaxed and jovial state before. Dwayne Johnson’s ardent fans are well aware that he adores his mother, so this move did not exactly come as a surprise.

On October 26, Ata Johnson, his mother, celebrated her 75th birthday, and in the celebratory clip posted Johnson in his IG, Ata Johnson had the time of her life, as she was seen dancing with other girls at the bash in the traditional Samoan style.

And only in a matter of moments, Johnson hopped in to shower his mother with a large stack of cash, following a custom in Samoa that honors performers. Then he goes over to join the ladies in their traditional Hawaiian/Samoan dance.

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