Elijah Woods Teams Up With MacKenzie Porter For “Last Girl” Single

Cross-Genre Collaboration Breathes New Life into Woods' Latest Love Anthem

Toronto’s own Elijah Woods, a multi-platinum artist and producer, has released a fresh take on his song “last girl,” now featuring the vocal talents of country artist MacKenzie Porter. Available on streaming services, this new version adds a duet dimension to the track originally from Woods’ “bright orange everglow” EP.Elijah Woods Teams Up With Mackenzie Porter For &Quot;Last Girl&Quot; Single, Yours Truly, News, February 29, 2024

The updated single blends pop sensibilities with a country flair, creating a harmonious mix that’s expected to resonate with fans of both genres. Woods expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting that Porter’s voice was a natural fit for the song’s country-pop fusion. He shared that the track was always intended to be a duet and praised the final result of their joint effort.

Porter, equally excited about the partnership, commented on her admiration for Woods’ work and her immediate connection with the song. She highlighted the blend of genuine country storytelling with a pop-like whimsy as a compelling reason to join forces with Woods.

The collaboration marks a celebration of Canadian talent, with both artists hailing from the Great White North. “Last Girl (ft. MacKenzie Porter)” promises to be a standout track, offering a heartfelt narrative wrapped in a dreamy musical landscape.


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