Eminem Celebrates 50 Million YouTube Subscribers With New Video Supercut

American Hip Hop star, Eminem is celebrating hitting 50 Million subscribers on YouTube with a new video supercut.

Imagine being in the game for so long and still killing it like you just started. Em is one of Hip Hop’s biggest icons, and that’s for good reason. The popular rapper has won some of the most sort-after awards in the world and recorded huge milestones throughout his very successful music career.

This time, he just added a new one to the list. The “Not Afraid” star has just surpassed 50 million subscribers on YouTube. Mad! If you’re excited, imagine how he feels. The Hip Hop star took to his social media pages to celebrate. He shared a supercut of some of his most popular music videos in celebration of the new feat. Some of the videos used include “Stan”, “My Name Is”, “The Real Slim Shady”, “Not Afraid”, and more.

In the post captions, Em quoted a line from his 2002 track “Sing For The Moment”. It reads “Now how the fuck did this metamorphosis happen? From standin’ on corners and porches just rappin’”. Of course, excited fans have since taken to his comments section to congratulate him.

The “Love The Way You Lie” star has yet to reveal his plans for the new year. However, he’s been in the news for purchasing a Bored Ape NFT for $450,000.

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