Ladipoe Drops An Introspective New Single, “Hallelujah” featuring Rozzz And Morrello

Nigerian rapper and Mavin signee, Ladipoe returns with a bang on “Hallelujah,” showcasing his reflective lyrics with the enthralling voices of Rozzz and Morrelo. With a hint of brazenness, the reflective single explores Ladipoe’s inner world.

Ladipoe uses Hallelujah as a forum to express some of his most profound ideas. He considers his indisputable brilliance in several verses, emphasizing his commitment to the unwavering pursuit of his trade. He presents himself as a “student of the hustle,” someone who is well-versed in its ins and outs.

His poetry exudes a resolute energy that makes his listeners undeniably aware of his intense devotion. Rozzz takes the lead on the hook; his voice crafts a mesmerizing melody that ideally matches the song’s reflective tone. With his verse, Morrelo gives the song a deeper level of complexity and a dash of Jamaican patois that gives it energy.

Obassey Chijioke Paul’s production creates a subdued background that lets everyone participating in the tune shine. Hallelujah is an extremely intimate tribute to Ladipoe’s artistic development, commitment, and unwavering drive for achievement. Hallelujah is a song that is sure to strike a chord with listeners who value reasoning and contemplation.

Give the new song a spin:

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