Falz Conveys A Crucial Message To Young People Before The 2023 General Elections

Falz, a rapper and activist from Nigeria, recently sent a message to young people in advance of the election on February 25. Falz has been outspoken in the wake of the #EndSars campaign, urging Nigerians to vote against the country’s corrupt leadership. In an online video, he exhorted young people to reject those who would dissuade them from voting and instead focus on the ultimate aim of selecting who rules.

Falz urges young people to notice how swiftly the Labour Party (LP) movement has developed into a potent third force and to understand the potential in their vote. He thinks that young people’s passion and energy may be utilized to bring about the change that Nigerians want to see in their nation. Falz urges young people to participate in politics and speak up for those who prefer to remain silent in addition to casting their ballots.

He thinks young people in Nigeria can contribute to meaningful and long-lasting change by banding together and working toward a brighter future. Falz is not the only famous person who has spoken about the upcoming elections. Ahead of what seems to be one of the fiercest elections in Nigeria, many celebrities have set up camp with their nominated candidates.

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