Falz Gives Take On 2023 Elections So Far, Surprised That “Even Gen-Z Don Dey Watch Channels”

Falz, a prominent figure in the movement to unite the government and Nigerian youths, recently voiced his surprise at the population’s awareness and interest in the 2023 presidential elections.
The fact that young and older adults participated in the polls in February 2023 was unexpected and somewhat of a milestone in Nigeria, something the vibrant celebrity hopes to advance.

Falz Gives Take On 2023 Elections So Far, Surprised That “Even Gen-Z Don Dey Watch Channels&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 19, 2024

On March 11, 2023, there will be nationwide gubernatorial elections, and Falz has called for renewed interest in these elections and works to give the silent majority a voice.
He continues to urge and inform the public about the dangers of tribalism, bigotry, and allowing religion to divide them as a people. His efforts to ensure this peaceful revolution of unification and collaboration between the population of Nigeria and its leaders is something to be applauded for.

Falz was a very vocal figure during the EndSars protest that rocked the lengths of the country as youths came out in mass to decry Police brutality and recklessness.

Falz was also very vocal during the just-concluded Presidential General Elections as he reiterated that the people would need to be considered as the masses become more politically aware of the society and strive for change in the style of Governance.

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