Fans Are Calling Vince Staples’ New Album “A Classic”

Vince Staples’ new album, Dark Times, debuted with the single “Shame on the Devil.” The album features harsh introspection and weighty subject matter, similar to his previous work. The thirteen tracks, which clock in at over 35 minutes, are comparable to his shorter releases since Big Fish Theory in 2018. Fans have responded well to the album, despite its release being over a day. The top-notch production showcases Staples’ versatility as an artist, making it a solid addition to his discography and a testament to his musical growth. Dark Times solidifies Vince Staples’ reputation as a talented and thought-provoking rapper in the industry. The album’s raw honesty and compelling storytelling captivate listeners, further establishing Staples as a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop.

Vince Staples’ “Etouffee, has garnered positive reactions from fans on social media. The song, which appears to be the best of the group, has gained significant attention. Its catchy beat and clever lyrics have sparked discussions about the song’s more profound meaning and emotional impact. While it’s too early to determine how often the song has been streamed on Spotify, its narrative has been praised on viral blogs. Overall, Staples’ latest release seems to be a hit with fans. The album showcases Staples’ versatility as an artist, with tracks that range from introspective to high-energy. Fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming tour to hear these songs live.

Vince has released other new music this year besides Dark Times. He jumped into TV a few months ago when The Vince Staples Show debuted on Netflix. Critics overwhelmingly appreciated the semi-autobiographical musical, which blended comedy and pathos in a manner reminiscent of Vince’s music. Fans have been requesting additional episodes of the show, although it hasn’t been formally confirmed for a second season yet.

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