New Vince Staples Music To Arrive In 2024

Vince Staples, the famed rapper from Compton, has been silent for some time now, and his fans eagerly await his release of new music. On Monday, January 8, Vince Staples took to Instagram to share a sneak peek with his followers. He posted a screenshot of a conversation between him and an unnamed friend. This friend informed him that he was welcome to visit and have some food if he was still in the studio and needed a break. Though this conversation was brief, it sparked a frenzy of speculation among his fans about when he might release new music and who might be featured. Staples has been known to collaborate with other talented artists, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he has something up his sleeve. What Staples has in store for his fans remains to be seen, but the fact that he is still in the studio is a promising sign that something exciting is on the horizon.

He wrote in the caption,

“Vince Staples Music 2024,”

On January 4, Vince Staples announced on Twitter that he would listen to Nas’ 1996 hit single “I Gave You Power” for the first time. The song features the voice of a firearm, similar to Staples’ “When Sparks Fly,” and has received high praise from hip-hop icons like J. Cole and 50 Cent; in “When Sparks Fly,” Staples switches between the perspectives of the gun’s owner and the gun itself, while Nas’ track maintains the gun as the narrator. At the 2014 VIBE Impact Awards, J. Cole gave a speech discussing the song’s significant impact.

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