Former YBNL Signee Reveals Reason For Sticking To Sexual Orientation

In a world where people are increasingly accepting of their sexual orientation and don’t hesitate to come out as gay, homosexuality is steadily becoming accepted as normative. For example, Temmie Ovwasa, a former signee of YBNL Nation and a Nigerian musician, has given reasons for sticking with her lesbian lifestyle. Temmie claims she has never experienced a pregnancy scare and will turn 27 in November. Resolving to never sleep in the same bed as a man, the former YBNL princess said her preference for a sexual partner has never wavered. Her thoughts were made public in an internet video that quickly gained popularity, capturing the attention of her followers and the general public and garnering support. The singer stated in the Instagram video that being lesbian has prevented her from knowing when her period is due, and she did so with an air of confidence. Despite multiple approaches from men, she stated that she has held her position.

Former Ybnl Signee Reveals Reason For Sticking To Sexual Orientation, Yours Truly, News, June 18, 2024

The Nigerian music industry has thrown Temmie Ovwasa numerous challenges. She came to light recently to make specific accusations against YBNL, Olamide’s music label, after having previously signed with them. Her serious notoriety for the accusations she levelled against Olamide’s wife also increased during this period. Temmie claimed that Olamide’s wife abused her, publicly ridiculed her, and constantly brought up her poor upbringing in Ilorin. Many fans and members of the public debated these accusations sharply, casting doubt on Temmie’s veracity and supporting Olamide’s persona.

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