Spyro Speaks On His Sexual Orientation And Why He Doesn’t Engage In “Societal Vices”

Online users will be amazed to hear the fascinating revelation that Nigerian musician Spyro made to the media recently during an interview with media personality Chude. He came clean about not smoking, drinking, womanizing, or being gay in a few candid remarks about his personal life.

Just a few months after the release of his hit song “Who Is Your Guy?,” which featured Tiwa Savage, internet users and Spyro’s fans couldn’t stop celebrating his acquisition of a new house and cars. Spyro, whose real name is Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, will soon be releasing his debut project titled “Next Rated” the EP. Additionally, he just released a new song called “Fine Girl” that is becoming popular on TikTok and going viral.

His statement in the interview read as,

“Even to this day, I do not smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t engage in relationships with women or any other sort of bad habits.”

He said that he didn’t want to pursue connections with women as such or termed a womanizer, as the interviewer briefly cut him off and questioned whether he meant “woman,” meaning that he was more associated with the male gender. Clearing the air in his response, Spyro laughed as he replied, “I am not gay,” as they both shared a laugh in the process.

Given the lifestyle of a musician, it is not uncommon to witness celebrities of his caliber partake in at least one of these “societal vices,” thus many will be astonished by his position on these issues.

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