Gillie Da Kid Not Pleased With How Wiz Khalifa Took His Gym Attire Jokes

For a minute now, TGOD boss, Wiz Khalifa has been open with his fans, sharing his fitness journey every step of the way, but somehow his gym outfit continues to remain the butt of a few jokes. Recently, a video of Wiz working out surfaced, in which he donned a small-size pair of spandex shorts.

Gillie da Kid had a few comments to make about Wiz’s workout fit, and boy were they not received well by the rapper. It’s no longer news that Khalifa has often received praises for being unproblematic and always sticking to his business, so expect that he wouldn’t be the least bit entertained by the jokes.

“You a legend man…every time I come on my page man, you’re in your draws man…I love you though man,” said Gillie in a video about Wiz. Though it’s still unclear what Wiz said to Gillie in response to his video, but the rapper-turned-podcaster dropped another video, where he made it known that his comments did not sit well with Wiz.

“You hurt my feelings, people were laughing at me and I don’t like to be laughed at. I feel like you were trying to bring down another Black man,” Gillie mimicked the ” We Dem Boyz” rapper.

It seemed Gillie was offended by Wiz’s response, shocked that his jokes would be considered as an attempt to tear down another Black man.

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