Wiz Khalifa’s Workout Video Showing His Bulge Goes Viral

It’s not new to record your workouts on camera. The majority of celebrities and influencers enjoy recording videos of themselves working out. In fact, it has sparked discussions regarding the morality of it all and whether or not background subjects should be exposed to cameras.

However, Wiz Khalifa’s most recent post triggered an entirely new conversation. The rapper was bicep curling and staring at the camera in the now-viral video, but the majority of viewers were focusing on something else.

Social media users commented on Khalifa’s gym shorts in a variety of ways. Many are of the opinion that Wiz relax with this kind of content, adding that they never wanted or asked to watch him work out, let alone get a sneak peek of his junk. He is undoubtedly receiving a trailer load of responses in either case.

In the game right now, we can’t be wrong to call Wiz Khalifa a legend. The man has a ton of incredible mixtapes and a great number of smash hits. Wiz has also been involved in a variety of businesses over the years. His own cannabis brand has undoubtedly given him access to new opportunities.

The rapper has also been trained in mixed martial arts (MMA) over the past few years, which has, in many ways, turned him into a bit of a gym rat.

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