Griselda Records On WWE Having Their YouTube Videos Taken Down Over Copyright Infringements

A copyright strike is not something anyone would love to have because, besides reputational damage, there’s also the possibility of a loss of income. Griselda Records is still reeling from the copyright strike by World Wide Entertainment (WWE).

Back in October, WWE announcer Greg Hamilton had called out Griselda Records boss Westside Gunn on Instagram for using his voice on his songs. In his callout, he’d accused the Buffalo collective of stealing his voice for “incoherent kindergarten fables.”

For this peccadillo, Hamilton is adamant Griselda records will pay. He demanded an apology as a key for him not collecting everything from the record label. He also warned the collective not to ever use his voice again.

The copyright-infringing materials have since been taken down from YouTube. In a post to Instagram, Griselda Records noted that it had taken down the infringing materials, which include “Claiborne Kick,” a collaborative song by Westside Gunn and Boldy James.

The others are “The Hurst Business,” a collaborative work by Wetside Gunn, Smoke DZA, and Wale, and “French Toast” (Westside Gunn Ft. Wale and Joyce). The last song on the list is “Allah Sent Me.” It had Westside Gunn as the lead rapper and Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine as guests.

Griselda Records On Wwe Having Their Youtube Videos Taken Down Over Copyright Infringements, Yours Truly, News, April 14, 2024

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