15 YouTube Videos With Most Views In 2023

Many years ago, the company that is today famous as Google wasn’t the owner of YouTube. Another company owned that platform. But Google came and revolutionized that space and made it one of the top social media platforms on earth and the number 1 video-streaming platform.

How it managed to achieve that in a short time is not the focus of this post. The videos with the most views on the platform are. A view getting billions of views much appear incredible many years ago. But here we are in an era when videos get as much as 9 billion views.

In this article, we are showing you the 15 most-watched YouTube videos so far in 2023. A look through the list shows that music videos or works by musicians take a great chunk of the spacer on the list, but that is understandable: The world loves music. In fact, it has been said that music is one of the languages that binds humanity together. Can you beat that?

The list of the 15 YouTube videos with the most Views In 2023 is given below but in no particular order. Tag along as we roll into the orbit of these videos with heavy numbers.

1. Baby Shark Dance (13 billion views)

Baby Shark Dance holds the top of the spot with over 9 billion views. And given how far ahead it is in terms of stats, compared to other videos on this list, chances are it would hold its position for a long time.

Released exactly seven years ago, “Baby Shark Dance” leaves up to its name in many respects. For one, it is a video that kids can relate to. In fact, it has been re-enacted by different kids from around the world, creating different versions of a memorable moment. You can watch the original video below

2. Luis Fonsi — Despacito Ft. Daddy Yankee (8.2 billion views)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the second video on the list is actually a music video. Music is one language the world understands and many turn to music for their soul’s salvation – and no, we don’t mean that in a religious way.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s video plays for exactly 4 minutes and 41 seconds. But it was enough to snag the attention of billions around the world. At the time of writing, it had exactly 51 million “likes,” zero dislikes and 8.2 billion views. It was released six years ago, which means it came just a year after the song on the No. 1 spot.

3. Johny Johny Yes Papa — LooLoo Kids (6.7 billion views)

The unexpected addition. That is what comes to mind from listening to this song and looking at the numbers it had done since it was released several years ago. This is not a music video per se but a nursery rhyme that tells the tale of sugar-obsessed Johny and his father.

It is as comedic and it is entertaining. Its number shouldn’t be surprising then.

4. Bath Song — CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs (6.3 billion views)

Another one for the children. Lol. The kids keep winning. What you have here is another nursery rhyme that pushes the message that bathing and actually being clean can bring joy. It is not only a favourite with kids but their parents as well. The reason is obvious, isn’t it? You can check out the video below.

5. Ed Sheeran — Shape of You (6 billion views)

British singer Ed Sheeran might be pretty young, but the songster has managed to sing his way into the soul of billions around the world. The result is that his songs get billions of views on YouTube. One such song is “Shape of You.”

The music video of this song was released exactly six years ago and currently sits in fourth position on our list – at 6 billion views. That’s impressive by every standard

6. Wiz Khalifa — See You Again Ft. Charlie Puth (5.9 billion views)

Exactly eight years ago, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth linked up on a number dubbed “See You Again,” an intense, highly relatable beat that will appeal to people even today. The song made it to the “Furious 7” soundtrack – a testament to its power and appeal.

7. Phonics Song with TWO Words — A For Apple — ABC (5.4 billion views)

Video is what people make of it – a portal for learning, entertainment, and what say you. Speaking of learning, it has benefitted not just adults but kids as well, thanks to its impressive stock of educational content. One of them is what you are about o watch right now.

Released 9 years ago, this video continues to resonate with kids and their parents. It provides avenues for kids to not only practise vocalizing but memorize the British alphabet and relate each letter to an object or thing. It’ll certainly be around for a long time.

 8. Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm (4.9 billion views)

The title gives the video away. What you have here is indeed for kids and not stuff we expect adults to enjoy. Still, this video, which was released about five years ago, has got impressive stats, with almost 5 billion views. It’s something you might want to share with your toddler.

9. Mark Ronson — Uptown Funk Ft. Bruno Mars (4.9 billion views)

Mark Ronson and his associate Bruno Mars hit it off on a number dubbed “Uptown Funk.” This number brings some funky vibes into the heart of anyone who would listen. It may have been eight years since it was released, but its appeal is still as strong as when it was first released.

The musical synergy between the lead singer and the guest artist probably accounts for much of the song’s appeal. They are pretty good together.

10. PSY — Gangnam Style (4.8 billion views)

About 11 years ago, PSY officially released the  Gangnam Style. With each passing year, the world had camped around the orbit of that song, increasing its view count. Today, it stands at an impressive 4.8 billion views. That number will most likely increase in the coming days

11. Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster (4.5 billion views)

This comic offering is what it is – a recipe for disaster. No, no, no. Bombs aren’t going off all over the place. Far from it. It’s just that you might pop into Masha’s kitchen but might not find anything worth eating. Dare to check it, if you please.

12. El Chombo — Dame Tu Cosita feat. Cutty Ranks (4.4 billion views)

Released by Ultra Records, El Chombo’s “Dame Tu Cosita” track features Cutty Ranks and makes for an interesting listening session, especially for those looking for a break from the drab. This music video will most likely bring a smile to your face.

The clip bears a party energy that cannot be lost on the viewers. With 4.4 billion views in five years, what’s there to debate on whether it is appealing or not? Peeps are certainly watching, and the stats can only increase in the coming days.

13. Maroon 5 — Sugar (3.9 billion views)

This music video was released eight years ago but still retains its appeal anyway – such is the musical sinews of Maroon 5. To watch this music video is to soak up the beauties of the past once again. With an impressive 3.9 billion views, one can only expect more view counts for this memory bop. You gotta check it out.

14. Katy Perry — Roar (3.8 billion views)

It’s time to “Roar,” peep. Kattp Perry took the initiative exactly 9 years ago. Now, you have the chance to join her in one of her most beautiful moments. “Roar” is a song of disarming lyrical energy that is still as fresh as when it was released almost a decade ago.

This might not be the finest of Katy Perry, but it is certainly one of her songs you will be more than happy to have on a playlist.

15. Justin Bieber — Sorry (3.6 billion views)

Hop into a moment of apology with Canadian singer Justin Bieber as he croons “Sorry.” The commander of the Belieber army displayed great, soulful energy in this song, making it at once memorable and relatable.

“Sorry” was released seven years ago. In the intervening years, of course, the songster has transformed remarkably. He had also released other songs that did not come close in appeal to “Sorry,” which currently stands at 3.6 billion views.

No music video out there has ever made it to one billion views in the first year of release. It takes time. This list is not of songs released this year but numbers that have snagged the highest view stats since they were released.

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